Nachdem man jahrelang die kleinen Hinweisschilder an den Liftpfeilern ignoriert hat gibt es nun einen Grund das neu zu überdenken.

imageA 12-year-old boy Thursday recounted the frightening moments he spent dangling from a ski lift at Park City Mountain Resort last weekend.

The ordeal was caught on video tape by an amateur photographer who witnessed the boy hanging from the chair and his dramatic fall onto the slope below. Anthony Trabert of Salt Lake City said a buckle from his backpack became snagged on the chairlift as he tried to exit the chair at the top of the mountain. A backpack strap was also caught under his neck. Trabert was unable to get off the lift and was pulled back by the snagged buckle as the chair continued to move around the top station and back down the mountain.

By the time the chair finally stopped the boy was left hanging by the backpack strap looped around his neck as high as thirty feet in the air.

“I just couldn’t breathe at all and I was trying to scream and I couldn’t talk,” said the 12-year-old. Anthony kicked off his skis and then struggled to pop off his ski helmet. Once the helmet dropped the boy was able to free himself from the backpack and drop to the slope below. The ski patrol was waiting on the slope and immediately attended to the boy.

Anthony wurde kurz danach von einem Doktor untersucht, der feststellte, daß sich der 12-jährige nicht verletzt hat. Trotzdem Kinder – bitte zuhause nicht nachmachen!!!